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Today has been a crappy day or maybe just a crappy morning. I’m not even sure why. True, it’s been a rainy morning, and I generally don’t like rainy days. I also woke up late. Perhaps the day just started on the wrong foot?

But I also think that I’m in a moopy reflective mood today. It is registration day at MIT and classes start tomorrow. This will be the first time in 18 years that I’m not going to have a first day of school. While I don’t think I could handle graduate school now or want to be continually in school. It’s definitely a shift. Since graduation, things have very gradually changed for me. But working in Cambridge, basically on the MIT campus, has made this summer feel like one of my past three summers–like I’ve only been working an internship. (Unfortunately, my job situation may actually reflect that more than I would like…) I guess I’m going to miss going to class.

As I reflect on this summer, there were definitely some accomplishments. I know I want to stay in educational outreach for a while. I have become better friends with a few of my acquaintances. I have slowly adjusted to having people farther away. But of course there are some improvements that I’m still working on. I want to be more responsible. Most people say I already am, and in general I think I am. But I feel like there are some things that I should do more efficiently and stop avoiding, like applying for jobs. I want to continue to get to know more people. I feel like I’m ultimately a people person (one of my big reasons for moving toward education), but I am pretty reserved. I want to develop new conversation tactics, and be more aware of non-verbal communication. There are a ton of little things I want to get done, and I should get them done (like sending cards, starting and finishing a new craft project, get myself on a workout schedule, learn to cook more). So many things–perhaps a different post.

Well, this is life. The beginning of one of my most unpredictable stages of life (at least from the starting line, it seems unpredictable).