One of my favorite things to do is to wander random street fairs and festivals–it’s why I like living in cities (though sometimes I wish I lived a little further outside of the city so I can enjoy awesome county and state fairs). It’s just awesome to see the conglomeration of bits of what many people do–a very vague description, but think about food festivals or craft fairs.

On Sunday, I went to the Boston Local Food Festival, which was pretty cool. Lots of stands of different things ranging from local coffee to cooking demos to local restaurants. There I discovered Red Kite Candy‘s maple caramels. So delicious! They had mini samples of their sea salt caramel, chai caramel, and their maple caramel. I tried the maple one first and fell in love. Then of course I had to try the rest, but I was hooked on the maple ones and bought myself a package.

I’m excited for upcoming festivals:

Saturday, October 13th: Food Truck Throwdown: Boston vs. New York

Saturday, October 27th: Boston Book Fest