This is a look at my monetary cost of moving to London, UK from the USA to become a student at UCL for the next year. This should cover all major costs so far, but the cost of my everyday consumables during the application portion is not included, e.g. internet, printing, or gasoline costs.

Before setting foot in London:

  • Tier Visa Application Fee: $446
  • NHS Immigrant Health Surcharge: $306
  • Shipping the visa application and shipping label for return: $22.95 + $34
  • MA Education and Technology programme tuition as overseas student : £15,525
  • Welcome week ticketed events: £50
  • Round Trip Flight to London and back to Chicago (found a good deal earlier in the year): $589.26

Total so far: $1,398.21 + £15,575 (exchange rate is generally around 1.33)

I’m going to be looking for some ways to offset these costs.