I expected some things to be different in London, England than in Chicago or Boston, USA, but here are a few things that I have found to be unexpectedly missing…

  1. Apple sauce. Upon further thought this kind of makes sense.
  2. 25p coin. Instead there is a 20p coin (not to mention the 2p, £1 (which also means the £1 note doesn’t exist), and £2 coins…and the fact that people actually use 50p coins here). I wonder if this reflects a difference in thinking about numbers.
  3. The gaps around the door around a toilet stall. I rather like this.
  4. Walk signals. Not completely absent, but it feels like there are a lot fewer here.
  5. Target/Walmart equivalent (at least in the city…)

I’ll update this list with more in the future. I think it’s rather interesting. I’ll probably do a list of things that are “additional” as well.

(Some updates 09/12/17)