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Never have I felt so close to failure as I do now. I really wish I had taken the last year to learn what I wanted to on my own. The master’s program I’ve been enrolled in has offered me some interesting opportunities for sure, but in this moment of reflection, I feel like I could have learned more on my own or though discussion with other learners. I wish there was more discussion and hands-on learning. Honestly, I would not recommend a one-year taught master’s program in the UK to a student coming from the US, because it’s just not enough time to establish the social connections that are given so much weight in American culture and the supports are much weaker than in the US university system. Oh well, too late for me. All I can do now is try to make sure I hammer out my last class assignment (a 5,000 word portfolio) and my dissertation. Progress is not going well. I definitely could have planned better, but there were also some things out of my hands. I honestly had never thought that reading and writing would be so difficult. Maybe I’ve just gotten lazy. Here’s to the last ditch effort!

Word count tracker (Purely word count, not quality):

Portfolio & Dissertation

Jul31 1,832/5,000 & 1,128/20,000

Aug1 1,832/5,000 & 1,631/20,000

Aug2 1,832/5,000 & 3,378/20,000

Aug3 1,832/5,000 & 3,540/20,000

Aug4 1,832/5,000 & 3,543/20,000

Aug5 1,832/5,000 & 3,543/20,000

Aug6 1,832/5,000 & 3,543/20,000

Aug7 1,832/5,000 & 3,543/20,000

I need to write at least 1,000 words a day consecutively for as long as I can. The end of the month I’ll be pre-occupied by weddings and travel. This is basically my only hope of having assignments that pass. Gahh!!! Here we go!

New goal at least 2,000 words a day consecutively for as long as I can! With the goal of getting the (maybe Methodology,) Data Analysis and Discussion sections to my advisor by Friday.

Aug8 1,832/5,000 & 4,010/20,000

Aug9 1,832/5,000 & 6,825/20,000

Aug10 1,832/5,000 & 10,354/20,000

Aug11 1,832/5,000 & ~11,000/20,000 (I forgot to check, since I primarily worked on processing quantitative data this day)

Aug12 1,832/5,000 & 12,029/20,000

Aug13 1,832/5,000 & 12,728/20,000

Aug14 1,832/5,000 & 25,648/20,000 (Qualitative Data is way over at 18,085)

Aug15 1,832/5,000 & 20,368/20,000 (Cutting Day, Qualitative Data is still way over at 11,628; back to writing tomorrow)

Aug16 1,984/5,000 & 20,368/20,000 (Switched to a reading day, because literature review and TEBC assignment need to be organized. Hopeful that organizing today will help make writing easier tomorrow. I’m also thoroughly distracted by US current news.)

Aug17 1,984/5,000 & 21,738/20,000

Aug18 1,984/5,000 & 22,339/20,000 (I lost a day somewhere, not sure which date this should be.)

Aug20 1,984/5,000 & 23,308/20,000

Aug21 I forgot to check word count…

Aug22 1,984/5,000 & 27,???/20,000

Lost track… I had more data that didn’t save, but it’s done!