Goals & To Do

A random smattering of things I want/need to do:

  • Plan wedding celebrations: London photos, fun reunion
  • More DIY projects (want to do bigger interior decorating projects, esp. in London)
  • More volunteer work (currently dog walking)
  • Learn a new language
    • Started using Duolingo for German and Spanish in 2015
    • Refreshing Mandarin 2017/2018
  • Control material desires and possessions — be a more conscious consumer
  • Take a greater interest in economics and policy
  • Take in the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Go to China with Dad
  • Collect dresses of the world
  • Learn to cook a myriad of cultural staples
  • Open a diner and a craft store, both hubs of the community


  • Started job in London
  • Got married
  • Finished master’s programme
  • Found master’s programme in London (2016)
  • Found job for September 2014-May 2015 (at least)
  • Survived January-March 2014 of work
  • Took the GRE (Oct 2013)

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